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Abi jones

Design leadership & team development

Abi Jones leads a team of designers and researchers in Google Health. Her team works across a variety of medical specialities to improve the availability and accuracy of screening and diagnostics, with a focus on using Artificial Intelligence to assist in early detection of breast cancer and lung cancer, and in diagnosing diabetes-related eye disease.


Leading Design San Francisco, March 4-6, 2020

The Manager’s Guide to 1:1’s

Learn how to make your 1:1’s a success. From establishing trust, creating mutual purpose, and helping your team achieve their goals, you’ll get insight into the journey from starting 1:1’s with ICs to Manager-of-manager and cross-functional 1:1’s // Tickets 

Leadership by Design, Chicago, August 2020

A two-day, single-track conference featuring inspiring keynote speakers, accomplished design leaders, and experienced professionals from major brands and organizations. // Tickets

Google UX Managers Summit

Private event for UX leaders at Google

How to manage

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